Empowering Talent for the Arts was created to do just that – empower!  We recognize that the arts are an important part of life and development of who YOU are. Our mission is to give you more than just a trophy or placement, but to further you on your journey to success. We want to address the obstacles you may face, the winds the road my take and the bridges you have to cross to get to that final destination…your end goal. With a team of seasoned dancers who are not only talented but extremely dedicated, let us give you a road map to get there. Think of ETA as your travel guide to your goals.

What are you waiting for? Time to buckle up.



Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride in our VIP area for studio directors and selected staff. Note: Each studio will be allotted 2 passes. Additional VIP passes will be available for purchase at $40 each. Advance notice to ETA is required for everyone attending for catering purposes.


Get to know our team of teachers and professional dancers who are not only your tour guides, but also both your judges and master class teachers.
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The studio that has the highest scoring routine will be awarded a free in-house workshop from one of our judges/instructors that will offer one-on-one feedback.


Dancers will have the option to purchase a package in which they receive a training session for their routine and professional footage of their solo that will be packaged in both a full length file as well as an Instagram ready file to build their brand and add to their dance reel.


Dancers will have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire that will help us pair them up with one of our staff for a one-on-one mentorship session and receive a roadmap full of advice and suggestions.


A series of special awards, freebie classes, mentorship sessions, scholarships and footage given to studios selected by both the crowd, fellow competing studios and judges. We will also be offering a spot on tour with ETA for the following season as part of staff at our national event. This will be selected following an audition process.


ETA is dedicated to giving back to the community. For us, that means donating a portion of the revenue to a selected arts program in each city we hold an event in. We will also have a donations area where you can do the same!